Things I live with but don't necessarily like

1)   The obscene amounts of mosquito bites I have:
a.      I got 11 bites surrounding one kneecap while sitting at the table entering data for 15 min.
b.     I got 30+ bites on my arms, stomach and legs when napping for 2 hours. IN TWO HOURS WITH MY DOOR CLOSED!
2)   The explosive bowel movements- sometimes you just don’t know. TMI? My bad.
3)   The amount of bird shit in our house. I love these little guys but they poop everywhere
4)   The constant sweating- CONSTANT
5)   The constant itching- ALWAYS ITCHING
6)   The waterbeds that have replaced my hiking boots - there has been a unusual amount of rain for the refuge so we have to walk to all our sites and all the roads are flooded with puddles sometimes up to your knees.
a.     Wrinkly feet
b.     Chaffing in lines of wrinkly feet
c.      Fungus? I guess I will find out…
7)   The feeling of something in your shirt crawling on you- a mild moment of panic thinking it is a cockroach only to realize your own sweat is dripping down your chest/neck/back etc.
8)   Sweating and itching, scratching and oozing, itching, sweating.
9)   Thinking about how many scars I will have after this trip.
10)                  Lack of good vocal communication (phone, skype, viber etc).
11)                   Lighting and thunderstorms while out working and the bad decisions that come with it.
a.     Oct 30th/2012: Nest check at Northeast. Arrival – 06:25am, ladder used- 32 ft, weather-overcast, drizzle, thunder and lightning seen nearby, nest check: all chicks out of nest, 1 drops to ground (lost- basically a death sentence), one chick captured, thunder and lightning directly overhead at this point, lighting flash above our heads (holy shit were going to be electrocuted- death by ladder and lightning) thunder, pouring rain pounding on our heads, put chick back in nest- chick jumps out to ground, I see in tree, grab chick, put chick back. Release 32 ft ladder, grab the chick kit and notebook and run to car. End time: 06:35 am. Status: Fail and soaked.
12)                   Car stuck in mud, car fishtailing, car defrost not working, smelly car and car not working end of story.
13)                   Birds going crazy while cooking- flying over hot pans, won’t sit on shoulder. Not fun anymore.
14)                   Laundry doesn’t get clean.
a.     My shirt is still covered with dirt.
b.     There is a bunch of sand in the washing machine.
c.      Unscented detergent- things don’t end up smelling good.
15)                   Did I mention my shoes are ALWAYS wet?
a.     And my feet.
b.     And they both smell.
16)                     Broken pipelines resulting in loss of water in the entire household.
a.     Needing to fill water pots with hose outside that is a bit more than a trickle.
b.     Two pots- 1 gluten free, 1 regular.
17)                   Keeping the counters gluten free- I am not good at that.
18)                   Feeling a pain on your body from a mosquito sucking away ferociously.
19)                  Sunburnt chest
a.     CHEST WRINKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20)                   Lack of conversation about anything other than fieldwork. NO LIFE.
a.     Not always

However here are some pics of da CREW!

Candid of Bonnie-May, dunno if she would like that I snapped this pic but I love it and think it captures her spirit well.

Crew leader/MS student Leanne after processing one of the birds

The whole crew from left-right (Leanne, Bonnie-May, Jim, me, Erica) 

I didn't get a bird this time, but it's ok I had my flamingo scarf on. 

Jim and Erica heading to check a nest, carrying one of the big ladders

The studs, Cacto, Eddy, and Terminator


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