My Best Friend Eddy

Entrado Eduardo or Eddy. He is my friend, probably my best one here. He is the first Ani we took to hand raise as a lure bird. These birds are being used for trapping adult birds in attempt to follow groups more closely and get genetic data from them. But boy do they get lots of love. Eddy is my favorite. I have never felt so affectionately towards a bird before. I actually didn’t think birds even made good pets and I still think they're tremendously messy. However, Eddy has changed my outlook on their personalities. She is incredibly attentive and smart. I can call her over and pat on my lap and she flies over to me. She has a happy dance where she flaps her wings and runs around like crazy, I can get her amped up by going “weee weeee” and running around the house and she will fly around after me. When napping on the cement floor (or sofa), she curls up in the crook of your neck and sleeps with you; or if she’s feeling extra feisty she just pecks at your clothes and hops around all over your body, knowing no limits. She also sleeps in your lap, on your stomach and will snuggle into your neck even when you’re already asleep (I experienced this today). She even brought over a piece of gold cardboard that she was so proud of carrying around and laid it next to me. I can massage her neck and she stretches it out, eyes glazed over and she slowly blinks and closes her eyes. She loves kisses and she will eat out of your hands and follow you up the stairs. Today she went halfway up after me before realizing she was in different territory and maintained her spot firmly on the mid-level of the staircase. She is way more bonded to humans than Cacto and Terminator, who seemed to have formed their own little pair. I know that I will miss her the most when I leave, this little critter that I have befriended. She is going to go to a good home with Cacto and Termie. Fabio, a student of a colleague at University of Puerto Rico, who has a wonderful way with birds, will make Term, Eddy and Cacto a lovely place to live. I hope Eddy makes it, and that she thrives and loves her new home. She will never know how much joy she gave me within the span I have been here. 

Oh, and sometimes Eddy eats her own poop. What a cutie.  

Loved snuggles and napping in our laps.


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