Nov 20/12

So there is a “highway”, if you could even call it that- its more just a road, which we take to work where you can go up to 40 MPH. Unfortunately, we have seen some road kill mainly in the forms of iguana, or the occasional cat. However, the other day we saw a large dog, totally rigor mortis (I had to google this to get the spelling right) on the side of the road. It was pretty terrible, just off the side of the road, legs frozen in it’s last movements. Leanne and I were the only ones who saw it and for the next day or two every time I drove by I cringed. With the amount of stray dogs, I am surprised there isn’t more road kill. Tonight, while driving, I saw a woman on the side of the road carrying a dog. It’s brindled tail and back legs looked limp in her arms and I could only imagine the worst had happened. With the swerving around potholes and uncertain passes people make, I really hope I make it through without any negative critter encounters.

Here are some of the critters than roam the streets:
 Me and Penelope, chillin at the beach.
 Un gato negro

 Kitties all over San Juan

you get the picture...

Unfortunately there were many squashed iguana's all over the roads in PR.

Might have been the most heart-wrenching thing I saw, this fella had a lady (and most likely pups) and they were so happy to see us, my heart was breaking I wanted to take him home. Bonnie-may even started to cry…
A whole slew of puppies that had been dropped off in the forest near the beach, only to grow up as a pack of wild dogs. 


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