Turtleneck Bikini

Oct 15, 2012

I feel that every woman, from her late teens to late twenties, who possesses the ability to tan without burning, will go lengths to get a good tan. This is purely observational, based off friends with fair-burn-at-any-moment-skin and friends with darker tones who may only get a little glow after a two hour “laying out sesh”. However, what we do not realize (although our mothers repeatedly tell us not to use self-tanner and to stay out of the sun) is the amount of damage we are doing to ourselves. I am only 24 years old and I have discovered a terrible thing. Chest wrinkles. That’s right; some lines have appeared on my chest just below my collar bone that are surely a sign of old age and too much sun exposure. Our chests are exposed most days we are outside and many of us do not think to put sunscreen on places besides our faces, even then few people use moisturizer with sunscreen (I highly recommend it!). Since I have spent 7 months this year working in the sun my regime has changed. If anything, I routinely lather my face neck and chest in sunscreen, and almost everyday wear a long sleeve shirt and pants into the field with a bandana or some kind of neck protectant, and of course a hat. Many field biologists who have spent 10 plus years in the field age much faster than “regular office people” (well based on a purely superficial appearance of ones skin- physically I like to think field biologists are in much better shape than people who solely work out of offices).  

Not only do we work outside but we enjoy being outside on our time off. For instance I spent 1.5 hours today at the beach after working outside for 5 hours this morning and going back later this afternoon/evening for another 4. While I wore sunscreen and covered my face/neck/chest with my sundress I still think there has to be a better way.

Thus I have come up with an invention I like to call the Turtleneck Bikini*: a stylish turtleneck crop top bikini. Covers your neck AND chest AND shoulders, while leaving your stomach and the rest of your body to get a tan. Some could do the hoodie turtleneck with an attached hat/hood to protect their face if so inclined. You could also do the turtleneck tankini- no sleeves just turtleneck (think basic women’s tank from any old store, fitted with a turtleneck at the top). It would come in fun patterns and definitely be mix and match- that’s the best option for women of all different sizes and styles. Not only am I protecting you from getting chest wrinkles but I am also introducing you into the stylish world of young women’s swimwear. Get ready everyone; turtlenecks are coming back with a fury.

*Note this swimsuit will also be offered in one-piece and tankini styles. 
El Combate beach- my mid-afternoon break, no turtleneck bikini yet...


  1. Yes! This is exactly what I've been looking for! Where do I get one?

  2. Agreed, great idea how do we see it, get one ??? Inquiring minds need to know ;-)


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