The eve of my departure

So the frenzied state begins....

I have started the process of "packing"- basically my room looks I let a band of 7 year old girls try on all my clothes and throw them on the floor. Nonetheless I think tomorrow it will come together, I do have until 9pm to pack.

I am taking the redeye to newark (never been to Jersey, can't wait whoop whoop!!) and then arrive in San Juan at 12:45pm on wednesday OCT 3rd. My boss and her professor will meet me to explore San Juan for the day before picking up the next field tech that evening. Then we will traverse across the country in our big white Jeep, making the 3 hour drive to El Combate, hopefully arriving around 1:30 am.. Needless to say it's going to be a long 24+ hours.

El Combate (as described in Lonely Planet-Puerto Rico):

"This gritty seaside settlement wedged incongruously between Boqueron beach and the Cabo Rojo lighthouse is at the end of Hwy 3301, a short spur branching west from Hwy 301. Those with limited time can skip it- it's an untidy sprawl of tawdry guesthouses, backyard trailer-camping sites, beach houses and restaurants, all covered in Bacardi banners. But while the down-at-heel bar scene might be a little on the rough side, the thin 3-mile-long strip of sand that affronts the Pasaje de la Mona is a perenially popular vacation spot for Puerto Rican families and college kids looking for some fun on the weekends".

I like to think that this description means I will have an authentic Puerto Rican experience. Screw San Juan! Bring on El Combate!

'till next time..

"Necessities" for 3 months…I am a notorious overpacker

Getting centered before the trip, while fitted out in my new gear. 


  1. Jersey's beautiful this time of year, a lot like PR actually but with less birds and more bronzer...El Combate is lucky to have you! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Buenos suerta!


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