Oct 17, 2012

Our local grocery store. I really enjoy it here; it actually has pretty much everything you could need. My one qualm is the wine, its all dusty and the cheapest bottle I can find it 7$. A dusty red Chilean 7$ wine does not necessarily seem like it will taste the best. I am missing 2BC (2 buck chuck) from trader joe’s.  But what I like most about the ritamar is the people who work there. They are all young probably late teens-twenties and so nice. There is this young guy who has a sheepish and sweet smile and I don’t think he speaks very good English. He also has a popular hairstyle that embodies a euro-mullet/rattail thing that is tucked under his red work cap. I like him very much and always say with overly enthusiastic exuberance “hola! Buenas dias”. The girl, Ciara (I think) who works there speaks very good English but will talk to us in Spanish, which, I appreciate. She is super sweet and the other day asked where we were from because we were bringing in our own shopping bags. She had customers a previous day that had brought their own bags and she said they were adamant about carrying everything out themselves without any plastic bags (whoop whoop!) She told us people in Puerto Rico always want bags and so the next time we went to ritamar (we go basically every other day) she goes “oh yes no bag!” with a big smile and we reply “si sin bolsa”.

I really like these people and interacting with them is a highlight of my day. The other day Ciara was telling me about the Puerto Rican candies on the shelf, I think I will have to get one next time.


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