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All the Way Up (almost)

June 20 – June 30, 2017
It started as most field expeditions start, I forgot to bring something important – my camera lens. We were hiking to 3500+ m, a once in a lifetime opportunity, why prioritize my camera? After a frustrating day preparing for the expedition and trying to navigate the language barriers I finally was “ready” to leave. OK, I cried pretty hard in the bathroom and had to throw water on my face before regaining my composure. My frustrations stem from language and cultural barriers including the feeling that my lack of fluent Spanish has led many to believe I am an imbecile (they always are saying “ella no entiende”, SI YO ENTIENDO UN POCO damn give me a break!). I am not sure if being a woman has something to do with it, but I definitely feel the inherent machismo that is bred into Latin culture (strong on the coast here) has stacked some cards against women.
The first day we drove from Santa Marta to our base camp in San Pedro ~ 3 hours away. It is no small feat to…

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