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Creepy Crawlers

July 14, 2017
Week 1
Living in the tropics means altering my lifestyle. I have become accustomed to the daily sweeping and mopping. The ants arrive overnight, like over-eager relatives sensing free food during the holidays, while the cock roaches and moths twitter around the kitchen eagerly searching for dropped morsels.
In fact, you cannot leave any morsel of food on the counters. I left an unopened banana bread and pack of crackers on the counter and later picked them up to find ants swarming inside of the packages.
The ants bite, of course. The first day in my new apartment an army of tiny ants charged across the living room toward the kitchen and into the outdoor(ish) laundry room carrying little white maggots. Disgusting. I promptly cleaned them up and mopped.
Week 2
A week later I was awoken at 3 am from a tickling inside my ear. A bug had crawled in my ear. I freaked. I sprang from my bed to the bathroom where I pulled on my ear and hopped on one leg (like you do when you hav…

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